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Amy (Be Mine)

Amy (Be Mine)

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Frame Information

Name: Amy

Brand: Mia's Optical

Shape: Oval

Size: 52-16-145

Design: Be Mine

Collection: Valentines Day 2020


Prescription Type

Single Vision (Readers Only): Used to correct for reading vision only.  Same prescription throughout the entire lens. 

Single Vision (Distance Only): Used to correct for distance (driving) vision only.  Same prescription throughout the entire lens. 

Progressive (No Line Multifocal): Used for three different distances, upper is for distances, like driving for example, middle is for intermediate distances, like looking at a computer, and the lower part is for reading. Offer continuous progression of lens powers without the visible line of a bifocal.  

Material Type

Polycarbonate: Comprised of lightweight impact resistant material and are used where eye safety is a concern.  Provide protection from the sun's UV rays.  Popular used in daily eyewear, safety eyewear, sports protective eyewear and children's eyeglasses.  

Hi Index 1.67: Comprised of dense material resulting in thinner and lighter lenses than polycarbonate.  High index lenses are especially useful to those with strong prescriptions, creating eyeglasses that are comfortable to wear without the awkward look of thick lenses.  Recommended for prescriptions +/- 6.00 diopters or greater. 


Lens Type

Clear Standard: For everyday use. 

Blue Light Protection: Reduces exposure to potentially harmful blue violet light from our computers, phones and tablets.

Photochromic (Changeable): Lenses that lighten and darken when they are exposed to ultraviolet rays (move indoor and outdoor environments).  Help reduce glare, eye fatigue and eyestain.

Polarized Sunglasses: Filter and eliminate horizontal glare experienced from reflective surfaces such as water or the road's surfaces. An outdoor lens that provides enhanced contrast and glare protection.  

Mirrored Sunglasses: These coatings are bold in color and highly reflective. Mirror coatings are excellent at reducing light transmissions and ideal for people frequently outdoors. For sports choose orange, brown and yellow colors. For glare reduction choose a silver color.